Ethics Exam

Individuals applying for CPA licensure must complete the AICPA's Professional Ethics For CPAs Self-Study Course and Examination.

Current Costs

Shipping and handling charges included.

  • $120 for members
  • $145 for nonmembers

International orders

The ASCPA does not ship ethics exams to addresses outside the United States.

While Supplies last

Ethics Exam - Booklet Only

  • Detailed instructions will be found in the frontmatter of the printed book. To gain access to the exam, the customer will need to log in to, enter the SKU found on the book and a unique, one-use code found in the inside front cover of the printed edition, and use the exam printed in the book to fill out the multiple-choice answers online. It is an open book exam.
  • The test can be taken three times using the codes provided upon purchase. If the customer hasn’t passed within the first 3 tries, contact the AICPA at 1(888)777-7077.
  • Upon completing the exam, the grading system provides a completion certificate online, which the customer can print or save as a PDF. It may depend on the state whether they accept this certificate as proof, or whether the customer needs to contact AICPA to have the certificate sent to the state society.
  • The book is generally considered valid for one year after purchase, even if another book has been released in the meantime (that is, if the customer purchases in May 2020 and a new edition is released in September 2020, they can still use the book and pass the course until May 2021).
  • Please note that the passing score will be 90% and not 70% for those taking the exam for licensure.