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Essential for CPAs who work with companies that will be transferred. This how-to course will tackle valuation specifics, including an overview of the income approach, market approach and underlying asset approach.
Learn to structure a deal and maximize a company's value in preparation for its sale. Explore how family dynamics impact planning.


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Determine what a business is worth and how being an owner with control vs. an owner without control impacts value.
Identify transition options, including planning for the outright sale of the business, structuring internal transfers to key employees and analyzing the pros and cons of transfers to family members.
Recognize tax issues associated with different transition options.
Identify how to start the planning process early and tools to make the process more effective, including developing or modifying buy/sell agreements and other business operating agreements.

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Designed For

CPAs, attorneys and business valuation practitioners.


Knowledge in business valuation and finance recommended.


Minority interest vs. pro rata portion of the whole.
How discounts impact value.
Selling outright; selling or transitioning to employees; selling or gifting to family members.
Deal structures.
Discounting on value transfer.
Family assets.
Buy/sell agreements to plan for ownership changes and help avoid shareholder and family disputes.

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