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Webcast: Deal Structure for Mergers and Acquisitions

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Tax-focused discussion on changes in the transaction structure of merger and acquisition (M&A) deals can significantly impact after-tax cash flows. Gain a significant competitive advantage by understanding how taxes affect M&A and divestiture transaction structures. Further, examine the mechanics of M&A deals; the structures of taxable assets and stock acquisitions; triangular and reverse triangular mergers; practical issues in structuring and pricing; types of tax-free reorganizations; tax planning for divestitures; and key elements of purchase and sale documents. Plus, dive into a complex case study and coupled, different approaches to the net tax cash flow for an S corporate deal. Updated for new tax Reform and impact on M&A deals.


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  • Tax Focused Discussion.
  • Determine the types of taxable acquisitions of C and S corps.
  • Recognize the types of tax-free acquisitions of C corps and the requirements for tax-free treatment.
  • Identify differences between the taxable sale of S and C corps.
  • Work on examples of dropping assets into new entities for new partners
  • Recognize various types of taxable and tax-free divestiture methods, including equity carve-outs, spin-offs and tracking stock and their tax consequences.
  • Determine the effect of the acquisition structure on the target firm's tax attributes.
  • Identify key sections of purchase and sale documents.
  • Outline necessary steps to complete a complex sample S corporate deal, including schedules.
  • Identify a couple of approaches to calculating net tax cash flow.
  • Discuss briefly Partnership mergers and acquisition issues

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Designed For

CPAs, controllers and financial professionals.


General understanding of ordinary income and capital gain taxation as well as general knowledge of C and S corp structures in addition to partnerships.


  • Mechanics and timelines of M&A deals
  • Structures of taxable asset acquisitions and stock acquisitions
  • Triangular and reverse triangular mergers
  • Structuring and pricing an acquisition
  • Tax-free reorganizations
  • Tax planning for divestitures
  • Key sections of purchase and sale documents
  • Case studies with schedules
  • Tax return forms and elections to be aware of


Executive/VP; C-Suite; Sole Practitioner

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