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Webcast: Income Taxation of Trust and Estates-Planning and Compliance

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Subchapter J of the Internal Revenue Code governs income taxation of estates and trusts-an area of tax law with numerous special rules, regulations, and professional customs. Form 1041 is unlike any other income tax return a tax professional encounters. This program explains the unique tax rules and opportunities for the knowledgeable tax advisor to provide valuable tax services to fiduciaries-from special tax accounting to options for reporting trust income and expenses. The program will contain state-specific information on the state's principal and income tax (including unique features of that Act) that is used to compute "accounting income" necessary for the preparation of Form 1041.


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  • Advise fiduciaries regarding their tax duties for the income tax reporting
  • Describe the types of trusts and their income impact
  • Explain what is involved with trust accounting and dealing with the applicable state principal and income act
  • Explain the filing requirements for trusts and the preparation of Form 1041
  • Deal with unique issues for income and expenses affecting trusts and estate income taxes
  • Describe distributable net income (DNI) and how it impacts taxes

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Designed For

Accountants who advise fiduciaries about tax matters and/or prepare Forms 1041.May also be suitable for accountants in public practice or income tax functions of trust companies.


General tax knowledge.


  • Estate of the decedent as a taxpayer-filing requirements and tax planning
  • Types of trusts
  • Trust accounting and available tax elections
  • Filing requirements
  • Identifying deductible and nondeductible expenses for a trust or estate following the repeal of the deduction for 2% miscellaneous deductions under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Unique classification of some income and expenses
  • Computing accounting income under a state's principal and income act
  • Distributable net income-the concept and its application


Manager/Senior Manager; Director; Executive/VP; Sole Practitioner

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