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Webcast: Personal Financial Planning Update: General Financial Planning


Our clients' personal financial planning issues are quickly developing. Keeping up is a challenge especially in a post-COVID world! Many new approaches are needed in this evolving environment. Part of the CPA's challenge is to help clients stay focused on goals while managing expectations in an environment that is changing rapidly. We'll update CPAs on the newest changes in personal financial planning as they relate to insurance, investments, education, retirement, estate, cash flow management, divorce, closely-held businesses and other relevant topics. Discuss critical topics, including planning for education, divorce, charitable, special circumstances, business owners and highly compensated executives. Formerly titled: Personal Financial Planning Update: General Financial Planning Update


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  • Identify the latest financial planning trends in the post-COVID marketplace and learn how to apply them.
  • Learn how this decade of the 2020s will work differently for clients than the previous one.
  • Determine how to incorporate the personal financial planning process as part of the client's emotional and financial life cycle
  • Determine when to evaluate insurance concerns and provide practical recommendations.
  • Learn which education savings plans make the most sense for the client.
  • Recognize investment strategies and strategies to evaluate the marketplace.
  • Determine financial planning issues relevant to Form 1040.
  • Evaluate retirement planning strategies for saving and investing.
  • Identify estate planning opportunities and suggest plans of action.

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Designed For

CPAs and financial planning professionals.


Knowledge or experience working on basic financial planning strategies.


  • The personal financial planning process
  • Cash flow management
  • Insurance, investment, income tax, education, retirement and estate planning
  • Understanding client issues, diagnosing client exposures, and determining client solutions
  • Closely held business owner strategies


Manager/Senior Manager; Director; Executive/VP; Sole Practitioner

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