December 9, 2022 9:00am – 11:00am Map & Directions 602-252-4144

Webcast: Investments Planning in this Unprecedented Time


In this unprecedented time, conventional investment wisdom simply won't work! Join Jeffrey H. Rattiner as he leads a comprehensive discussion on how you can develop an investment plan in these unchartered times to weather the many different storms that are pounding individuals and businesses. You'll learn how to understand the marketplace, prioritize your objectives, determine which investments work best in a volatile market, and then how to combine investments for best results. This dynamic program will help you increase your client base-and fees-by incorporating a proven and effective approach to creating client investment portfolios into your practice and how to keep score to help you measure success. You'll leave with a clear understanding of how to build, sustain and evaluate investment portfolios for clients in these turbulent times. Attendees will consider the following questions during this course: How should you adjust your investment philosophy based in a world that is not secure? With new market heights attained often and unexpected events occurring on a regular basis, how does one feel comfortable with an investment strategy? Where are investments headed in an economy-to some-on borrowed time? Learn to solidify an appropriate investment strategy based on risk; help clients stay on top of potentially life-altering situations and help clients understand the intricacies of investment planning. Gain a better understanding of investment markets, the effects of world events, assessing client risk and matching to expected return, dealing with increasing client concerns, and developing better investment solutions in a rapidly changing environment.


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Specialized Knowledge


  • Understanding investment theory vs. real world application
  • Systematic approach to running an investment practice
  • Constructing client investment portfolios tied to risk tolerance, time horizon, and market conditions
  • Measuring investment success
  • Evaluating software tools to assist in practice development and investment management
  • Managing client expectations in an environment that is anything but ordinary
  • Breaking down your clients understanding of investing
  • Assessing Risk and return relationships
  • Deciphering Investment vehicles
  • Monitoring the client's investment portfolio

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Designed For

CPAs, financial advisors and industry professionals.


A basic understanding of finance.


Understanding, and assessing risk and return, investment vehicles, and designing an asset allocation portfolio in today's environment for different stages of life.



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