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Webcast: S Corporations: Tax Planning Ideas and Strategies

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Identify and discuss various tax planning opportunities related to the operation of a corporate business with an S corporation election. Topics range from annual recurring planning to unusual transactions, such as stock redemptions and the sale of the corporate business.


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  • Understanding the tax consequences of making the S corporation election to the corporation and shareholders.
  • Understand the application of the "qualified business income" deduction ( IRC 199A).
  • Determining the tax costs and benefits of making or terminating the S corporation election.
  • Identifying self-employment / FICA - Medicare tax planning opportunities.
  • Understanding how to plan to minimize the impact of the loss limitation rules.
  • Identifying tax planning opportunities in years with losses and distributions.
  • Understanding tax planning ideas when the S election is terminated.
  • Determining the tax considerations related to buying or selling an S corporation.
  • Determining when to make the QSUB, Section 338(h)(10), or 336(e) elections.
  • Identifying tax planning opportunities at the death of the shareholder of an S corporation.
  • Recall ideas to accommodate a "non-qualified" investor.
  • Understanding the law related to trusts and tax-exempt shareholders including ESOP's.
  • To be able to evaluate the risk of disqualification based on the second class of stock.
  • S corporation election compared to the Section 1202 stock tax incentive.

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CPAs and attorneys.


Basic understanding of the taxation of individuals, corporations, S corporations and partnerships.


  • Overview of the taxation of corporations and shareholder including making the S corporation election
  • The decision to elect S corporation status-factors to consider
  • Explanation and analysis of the application of the "qualified business income deduction (IRC 199A)
  • Self-employment tax and S corporations
  • Distribution tax planning
  • Planning to minimize the impact of loss limitations
  • Tax planning for years with both distributions and losses
  • Termination Planning
  • Tax planning regarding the transfer of appreciated assets to an S corporation
  • Buying and selling S corporations-tax planning ideas
  • Tax considerations of using the QSUB, Section 338(h)(10), or 336(e) elections
  • Tax Issues to consider at the death of S corporation shareholder
  • Stock redemptions as a tax planning tool
  • Accommodating a "non-qualified" investor
  • Trusts and tax-exempt exempt shareholders
  • The second class of stock risks
  • S corporation election compared to Section 1202 stock incentive



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