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Webcast: K2's Business Intelligence - Featuring Microsoft's Power BI Tools


Business Intelligence (BI) is perhaps the hottest topic in most professional circles in today's business climate. Increasingly, organizations of all sizes seek to take advantage of the data available to them to identify previously undiscovered insights and gain competitive advantages thought to be out-of-reach just a few short years ago. A growing array of tools - ranging from Excel add-ins to dedicated solutions such as Power BI - now allow you to leverage your existing knowledge and skills to create powerful, interactive dashboards and analyses unthinkable until recently. In this program, you will learn how to implement "do it yourself business intelligence" using various techniques and tools. You will learn how to work with some of the advanced data query and summarization features in Excel to create Excel-based dashboards. You will then learn how to leverage that knowledge to build even more powerful BI objects using Microsoft's Power BI tools. If gaining better insights into your data to make better decisions is of interest to you, then join us for a fast-paced look at how you can take advantage of these fantastic tools. "This was a great course! Very useful information!" B.R., CPA MN


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Information Technology


  • Create Excel-based BI dashboards
  • List the potential shortcomings of BI solutions based wholly on Excel
  • Identify and implement various Excel add-ins that might useful in BI applications
  • Differentiate between the BI opportunities in Excel and Power BI
  • Create and distribute dashboards using Power BI

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Designed For

Business professionals seeking to develop and implement BI solutions


Basic understanding of computer operations and terminology, including Microsoft Office Excel 2013 and newer


  • Excel BI dashboards
  • shortcomings of BI solutions based on Excel
  • Excel add-ins
  • BI in Excel and Power BI
  • Dashboards using Power BI



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