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Webcast: Advanced Financial Skills (8-11:30)


Is your finance department seen as a cost-center? Are you under-utilized and under-appreciated? You can change that paradigm. You can transform into a value-added, highly sought-after partner in your organization. The traditional cost center is focused on the past, preparing historical financial statement and budget- to-actual analysis. The value-adding finance department is focused on the future, helping to guide strategy, protect against risk, implementing change effectively, and becoming a trusted organizational adviser.


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When you complete this course you will be able to do the following:

  • Identify the critical skills that today's finance professionals need to add value to their team, other departments, and the company.
  • Apply the Backcasting method of strategic planning to help plan your organization's desired future.
  • Determine how to apply the Balanced Scorecard to your organization's strategy to track progress towards and achieve success faster.
  • Formulate a risk assessment to protect your organization's success and minimize the chances of failure.
  • Recall different social styles for engagement, impact, and influence.
  • Determine how to plan for, implement and manage change.
  • Choose techniques to motivate and elevate your team.
  • Use an insightful financial analysis to maintain what is working and make organizational improvements.e you will be able to do the following:

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For finance professionals who want to develop the skills to transform the perception and elevate the impact of the finance department on the organization.


Experience in financial management.

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Lindell, James T.

Rating: 4.58

James T. Lindell, CPA, MBA is the president of a Wisconsin based provider of strategic & financial consulting, professional speaking, training, and executive coaching. He has an extensive background in senior management including positions as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Assistant Controller. Lindell has worked with a variety of industries including: manufacturing, health care, not for profit, distribution and food processing. He has been involved in more than 40 M & A projects. He is a Certified Public Accountant with public accounting experience at several local and regional accounting firms. Lindell is a TEC Chairman (The Executive Committee). He is a member (and instructor) of the American Institute of CPA's and the Wisconsin Institute of CPA's and a member of FEI (Financial Executives Institute). Lindell is also a faculty member of the American Management Association and the Center for Professional Education. He is the author of the AICPA course "AICPA's Annual Update for Controllers" and a contributing author of the AICPA course "The Fast Close, Soft Close, Virtual Close? Now Days not Weeks".

James Lindell is a recipient of the AICPA 2014 Outstanding Discussion Leader Award

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  • Skills for the 21st century finance department.
  • Strategic planning using the Backcasting method.
  • The Balanced Scorecard Method for aligning goals and objectives to strategy.
  • Risk identification, assessment, and mitigation.
  • How to use social styles to build stronger relationships.
  • Methods for effectively implementing change and minimizing the human pushback.
  • Preparing a financial analysis that is insightful to the users, driving improvements to the organization.
  • Hiring, managing, and retaining high-achieving employees.



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