November 8, 2018 – April 26, 2019 8:00am – 1:00pm Map & Directions

Emerging Leaders Series

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Nov. 8 – Leadership Summit 
8 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Recommended CPE: 5 hours) 
Hilton Garden Suites
2102 Rio Salado Parkway – Tempe, AZ 85281

The Exceptional Communicator – Lindsay Smith
What’s the value of having a great a conversation with a co-worker?  Your manager?  A potential new client?  Crystal clear communication is key. Increase value and sharpen your relationship building skills at this fun and interactive session focusing on the elements of communication – body language, tonality, spoken word.  Build your leadership skills by becoming an exceptional communicator! 

Leading Through Social Media – Cory Hildebrand, TD Security Design
Social media is taking a front and center role for business as more people embrace social media for communicating, networking, and sharing their knowledge. The information that is available online is public information and will have a direct impact on you and your organization’s brand. This session will give you tools for utilizing social media to influence that public perception as you grow your career and further the mission of your organization.

Economic Update - Scott Smith, CEO of Valley Metro
Scott Smith is the former Mayor of Mesa and president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the only Arizona mayor to have served in this position. He continues his commitment to public service as the CEO of Valley Metro. He brings his knowledge from his time in public service as well as his time in the private sector as a CPA, lawyer and CEO of a regional home building and development company. Gain valuable insight from his experience as he provides an economic update.

Workplace Well Being – Molly E. Montgomery, CPA, Founder’s Haven 
Well being is more than being healthy. It includes physical fitness and incorporates mental and social fitness as well. Being aware of all of these areas and managing them for yourself and those around you will lead to greater workplace wellbeing. Molly Montgomery is the immediate past chair of the ASCPA and is dedicated to improving our community and the lives of those around her.

January 26 – “In It For the Outcome, Not the Income” 
Community Service Event with Free Arts
(Recommended CPE: 1 hour)
Giving back is a hallmark of a great leader. Share your time in support of an organization that serves local abused and homeless children. 

April 24 – Networking in Collaboration with GET Phoenix 
Join us at this event to meet other young professionals in a casual setting. Seize the opportunity to put skills built at the Leadership Summit into action. 


Hilton Garden Inn
2102 E Rio Salado Pkwy
Tempe, AZ 85281-3002

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Event Leaders

Smith, Scott W.

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Scott Smith, Valley Metro CEO

Scott Smith is the CEO of Valley Metro and is responsible for the operation, design and construction of an expanding regional transit network in metro Phoenix, Arizona. The Valley Metro system is a partnership of 16 cities, towns and Maricopa County, offering bus, light rail, paratransit and vanpool services to more than 73 million riders annually.

Smith’s leadership is a continuation of his public service as the former Mayor of Mesa and president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. He is the only Arizona mayor to have served in this position. As Mayor, he strategically guided the 38th largest city in the U.S. to economic rebound between 2008 and 2014. He also has a wealth of experience in the private sector as a certified public accountant, lawyer and CEO of a regional homebuilding and development company. In 2015, Smith served as a Resident Fellow in the Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Smith’s passion for public transportation stems from his belief that transportation infrastructure is critically important to the regional, state and national economy, and is essential to improving the quality of life for those who need and choose transit as their mobility option. His strong customer service approach keeps the organization focused on serving the interests of several customer groups, including riders, voters, the business community and city leadership.

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Hildebrand, Cory

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Cory Hildebrand is an innovative, disruptive, cybersecurity-focused, technologically savvy, and results-driven leader with over 27 years of IT experience. He has successfully worked in the Finance industry in his current role with Charles Schwab as a Director in the Cyber-Security space, in Real Estate as a VP of Technology for a medium-sized commercial owner and Developer and in Manufacturing with PACCAR (owner of Peterbilt, Kenworth and DAF trucks). He is an agile leader with a focus on process improvement and enhanced technology always keeping an eye on security. He is proud to have managed projects valued at up to $100 million but more proud to have patented a piece of software with a friend when they developed it on a napkin in a bar in Philadelphia. He has excellent leadership, organizational, decision-making, and problem-solving skills combined with a talent for grasping and leveraging emerging technologies. He interacts with peers, leaders and C-Level executives with ease and confidence of his convictions.

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Smith, Lindsay

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Lindsay M. Smith is a customer-success-focused leader with entrepreneurial, small business, and corporate experience. She has passion for partnering with customers to exceed their goals and leading world-class teams to do the same. Smith has worked across a variety of industries building and scaling teams who are laser focused on customer satisfaction, engagement, retention, and account expansion.

She is the Founder of Be Still Yoga, an organization that stands at the intersection of yoga and business. Smith offers strategic planning, corporate wellness, individual coaching, and yoga to business leaders to empower them and help them reconnect with their authentic selves.
She recently served as Vice President of Brand Evangelism for an employer branding firm where she supported companies such as Charles Schwab, USAA, and GoDaddy to hone, expand, and promote their regional employer brands. Smith built an educational division through which she delivered webinars on topics such as employee engagement, retention, and communication as well as several face-to-face events focused on recruitment and best-practice sharing.

Smith received a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and is a certified yoga instructor. When not working with clients or teaching yoga, you can find her traveling, paragliding, or checking things off her bucket list.

For more, please visit and

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Montgomery, Molly E.

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Molly Montgomery, CPA, is the founding owner of Ascension Consulting, a company that works closely with high performing entrepreneurs and visionary leaders, using forensic techniques to help clients improve company operations and increase profits. Molly helps entrepreneurs develop, manage and grow the financial foundation of their company, while helping them understand their financial data and discovering new ways to measure and assess performance. Montgomery has more than 12 years of public accounting experience providing audit, tax and corporate consulting services. She holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Radford University and a master’s degree in taxation from Arizona State University. Montgomery volunteers her time to help promote financial literacy in the community as well as encouraging other members of the Society to get involved with the effort. Molly currently serves as Chair on the ASCPA Board of Directors.

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