July 14, 2020 8:00am – 3:30pm Map & Directions 602-252-4144

Webcast: Hot IRS Tax Examination Issues for Individuals and Businesses

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Recently, the IRS has dramatically ramped-up its examination of specific individuals and small business taxpayers. Now, more than ever, CPAs need clients to understand the need for documentation and procedures to substantiate what IRS auditors are pursuing.

Learn the high audit risk areas and ways to help clients survive an IRS audit with little or no change. It is critical for CPAs in public accounting to understand the risk to clients and to themselves in tax return preparation and planning.


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  • Understand what the IRS is focusing on in auditing individuals and selected businesses.
  • Help clients reduce their exposure to additional tax assessments.
  • Determine strategies for dealing with IRS examiners and presenting your clients' tax positions in the best light possible.

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Designed For

CPAs in public practice who prepare tax returns and represent their clients on IRS examinations.


Experience in preparing individual and business tax returns.

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  • Prepare now and protect yourself from new audit examinations from the Net Investment Income Tax.
  • Schedule C and cash basis audit issues - the IRS has gotten very tough.
  • Vehicles, meals, entertainment and fringe benefit documentation.
  • Passive losses and passive income: in-depth understanding of hot IRS audit examination areas.
  • What the IRS is looking at in businesses with loss histories.
  • Selected industry-specific issues, including construction, retail, food, bars, etc.
  • Business consultants.
  • Post-audit: the 30-day letter and the 90-day letter - what they mean to the taxpayer.

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