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Guide to Payroll Taxes and 1099 Issues (12:30-4)


Employment taxes are often overlooked as an area where more planning may be effective. Payroll taxes have become an increasing burden for the average business and IRS penalties for noncompliance have risen dramatically in recent years. As a result, they have also been subject to employer incentives. The Service has announced that uncovering noncompliance by employers ranks high on its audit list. This course presents an overview of employee versus independent contractor criteria, the federal payroll taxes form, Form 1099 and related compliance issues.


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  • Distinguish an employee from an independent contractor and understand the relief available to employees who misclassify.
  • Understand the withholding requirements for FICA and federal income taxes for Forms W-2 and 1099, including back-up withholding.
  • Comply with the quarterly and annual reporting for employment tax deposits before and after the CARES Act.
  • Examine employer requirements regarding Form W-4.
  • Understand the gig economy and the payroll tax responsibilities associated with it.

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CPAs in public accounting and industry with responsibility for payroll tax compliance.



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Gee, Edgar H.

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Edgar H. Gee Jr., CPA, DABFA, MBA is a local firm practitioner with over 35 years of professional experience. He works closely with small business in areas of auditing, tax planning, IRS representation and litigation support services and business valuations.

A noted author, Gee has published articles in the Tax Adviser relating to the largest independent contractor case against the IRS in U.S. history. He testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Oversight of IRS Activities in 1996. He is co-author of PPC’s Guide to Worker Classification. Winner of the Max Block Award by NYSSCPAs for Distinguished Article of the Year 2000, “Independent Contractor or Employee: How the Process Works Today.â€

Gee speaks nationally to many professional organizations. He was past president of the Knoxville Chapter of the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants. He was the recipient of the Discussion Leader of the Year award from the Tennessee Society of CPAs in 2001.

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  • Statutory employees, independent contractors and possible changes to 530 relief.
  • Using SS-8.
  • The CARES Act and employer responsibilities for Form 941.
  • Payroll Tax Penalties - Who is a responsible person?
  • Forms W-2, 1099, SS-8, W-4, 941, and Form 940 reporting/deposit requirements and due dates.
  • Understanding payroll tax responsibilities in the gig economy.

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