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Webcast: Partnership and LLC Taxation - Advanced Issues

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Congress has modified the audit rules for partnerships, adding additional complexity to an already complex area. This program covers allocation of basis in debt, step up in basis upon transfer, disguised sales, abandonment of partnership interest, special allocations of income and deductions, reallocation of depreciation among partners, reporting income from forgiveness of indebtedness, determining an LLC member's self-employment income and more. This is the program that gets participants ready to help their clients plan partnership and limited liability company transactions to minimize taxes.


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At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain entity classification differences.
  • Describe the tax basics related to partnerships.
  • Identify and address formation traps related to partnerships.
  • Describe and understand details of partnership distributions.
  • Compute partner capital accounts and calculate income allocations using different allocation methods.
  • Determine and apply transactions between partners and the partnership.
  • Calculate the gain or loss on sale or exchange of partnership interests.
  • Recognize hot assets.
  • Assist clients in avoiding technical termination.
  • Identify situations resulting in basis adjustments.
  • Calculate and allocate basis adjustments.
  • Recognize events that can cause partnership termination and understand tax implications.
  • Explain the various types of partnership examinations.
  • Recognize anti-abuse regulations that apply to partnerships.

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Designed For

Practitioners who advise their clients regarding planning for partnership and/or limited liability company transactions and/or who have review responsibility for partnership or limited liability company tax compliance. May also be suitable for public practice.



Event Leaders

Zollars, Edward K.

Rating: 4.85

Edward K. Zollars, CPA, is in public practice in Phoenix, Arizona as a partner with the firm of Thomas, Zollars & Lynch, Ltd. He has been in practice for more than 35 years, specializing in tax issues for closely held businesses and individuals.

Zollars has been professionally involved with both tax and technology issues, combining the two disciplines in producing the Current Federal Tax Development Update Podcast and website, dealing with current tax issues. He has been a member of AICPA Tax Division Committees focusing on tax and technology issues and was the Tax Section’s representative on three occasions to the AICPA’s Top Ten Technologies project. He is also a member of the Phoenix Tax Workshop’s Advisory Committee and currently serves on the Tax Legislation Liaison Committee for the Arizona Society of CPAs. Zollars was selected as a Life Member by the Arizona Society of CPAs in May, 2010.

Along with writing, editing and presenting courses for Loscalzo Institute, Zollars has written articles published in Practical Tax Strategies and the Tax Adviser. He has been a frequent contributor to a number of professional tax discussion groups, and served as systems operator on the AICPA’s Accountants Forum in the mid-1990s.

He has spoken regularly on tax and technology topics since 1996, speaking before conferences sponsored by the AICPA and a number of state societies of CPAs.

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  • Partnership and LLC tax rules.
  • Partnership basics.
  • Formation traps.
  • Partnership distributions.
  • Allocation of income and target capital accounts.
  • Transactions between partners and the partnership.
  • Transfers of partnership interest.
  • Partners' basis adjustments.
  • Partnership termination.
  • Partnership examinations and centralized partnership audit regime.
  • Anti-abuse partnership regulations.

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