Contribute to the PAC

One of the major ways the Arizona Society of CPAs engages in the political process is with the ASCPA political action committee (PAC). The PAC ensures the CPA profession can support candidates who care about our issues and support our commonsense goals. Your contributions to the PAC allow the profession to have a strong voice in the political process.

Ensure CPAs’ Voices Are Heard

Why Contribute to the PAC?

  • Fundraising is a crucial part of the political process. By contributing to the PAC you help ensure that the profession’s best interests are represented.
  • Your contributions help candidates who know the issues important to CPAs, including those who have championed our efforts in the past and those new to the process who understand our goals.
  • Fundraising is a year-round endeavor and the ASCPA PAC is always active. Your continued support ensures the PAC can contribute to candidates and causes throughout the year.

Make a Contribution