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Legislative and Accountancy Board Update – November 2018

Published on November 20, 2018

This month’s update includes information on the results of the mid-term elections, including the ban on services taxes, conformity for 2018, a summary of the Accountancy Board meeting and a reminder that PAC contributions make sure our CPA voice is heard.

Post-Election Legislative Leaders and Proposition 126 Update

Now that the dust has settled from mid-term elections, here are the newly elected legislative leaders. The Republican legislators elected:

  • Karen Fann, who spoke at the Society’s Leadership Day in June, as Senate President
  • Rick Gray as Senate Majority Leader
  • Rusty Bowers as Speaker of the House
  • Warren Petersen as House Majority Leader

The Democratic legislators elected:

  • David Bradley as Senate Minority Leader
  • Lupe Contreras as Senate Assistant Minority Leader
  • Charlene Fernandez as House Minority Leader
  • Randy Friese as House Assistant Minority Leader

The newly elected leaders will not have the option to tax services. More than 60% of voters said “yes” to Proposition 126, The Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act, that bans the taxation of services.

Conformity for 2018

The Society and its lobbyists, DeMenna Public Affairs, hand-delivered close to 100 personalized letters to the Governor, his staff and those serving in the legislature beginning January 2019. These letters urge lawmakers to pass full conformity as quickly as possible so taxpayers know how to file their 2018 tax returns, to prevent the cost of amended returns and to make it simple for taxpayers to file their returns.

Accountancy Board

At the November 5 Arizona State Accountancy Board meeting, the certification committee dialogued with the Board about the evaluations of accounting related courses for candidates. The Board held a brief discussion of PCAOB reports, with a more thorough conversation calendared for the next Board meeting on December 3.


Legislators actively campaign for funds before the next legislative session, which begins on January 14, 2019. Please consider making a contribution to our PAC and/or sharing this link with a CPA who will invest in the future of the profession to make sure our CPA voice is heard.

For additional information on our advocacy activities, please contact Cindie Hubiak or Paul Kern.