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Legislative and Accountancy Board Update – March 2019

Published on March 21, 2019

This month’s update includes information on our conformity broadcasted call and media engagement, repealing auditor rotation/restrictions activity, four deregulation bills, a political party event and a reminder of this month’s CPA license renewal due date.

Conformity Call for Members and Media Activity

Earlier this month we held a broadcasted call in which Cindie Hubiak, ASCPA president & CEO, and our lobbyist, Ryan DeMenna, provided an update of current activity and a brief history on conformity. You can listen to the recording here and stay up-to-date via our ASCPA Members Community on the Connect site with periodic Operation Conformity posts. The Society was contacted by State Tax Today regarding an article they were writing on conformity. Cindie provided a statement for their publication.

Auditor Rotation/Restrictions Repeal Committee Hearings

Thanks to Mark Landy for attending both the Senate and House Education Committee hearings as a technical resource for the Society on SB 1256. Thanks also to Al Augenstein who agreed to be a backup. Corey Arvizu also attended both hearings and testified in support of the bill at the House Education Committee. This bill repeals auditor rotation/restriction of services related to school districts. The Senate passed the bill unanimously and the bill was passed in the House Education Committee with two votes in opposition. It will now be heard in the House Rules Committee.

Deregulation and Other Bills

We continue to work with lawmakers, Accountancy Board Executive Director Monica Petersen and DeMenna Public Affairs to understand the impact of four deregulation bills on the Board and the CPA profession. We’ve also been working with our lobbyists on human resources and technology bills that could have an impact on the profession.

Political Party Event

The ASCPA PAC supported the annual Democratic Legislative Salute. DeMenna Public Affairs arranged for the Society to be well-represented as a Platinum sponsor. Thank you to Keith Kauffman who attended this event to support the Society. We are exploring ways to support the Republican Party in April, as they finalize event plans.

CPA License Renewal Due Date

As a reminder, Arizona CPA licenses must be renewed on the last business day of the month. For this month, it is March 29 (not the 31st). Be sure to renew on time!

The Accountancy Board met on March 25, so an update on that meeting will be provided in April. For additional information on our advocacy activities, please contact Cindie Hubiak or Paul Kern.