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Legislative and Accountancy Board Update – February 2021

Published on February 18, 2021

This month’s update includes information about challenges to the PPP application process, updates to the State Board of Accountancy’s forms, the legislative session and COVID-19 liability.

AICPA Letter to Small Business Administration

The AICPA sent a letter to the Small Business Administration , outlining challenges that small businesses are facing in the PPP application process. The letter highlights problems with the E-Tran System, processing delays, communications about caps on loan amounts, and broad communications issues. Here is a link to the Journal of Accountancy article

State Board of Accountancy

At this month’s State Board of Accountancy meeting, Board staff provided an update on online forms. Currently, the Board uses fillable PDFs for its forms. Staff is in the process of implementing a change to online submission forms in an effort to modernize and streamline practices.

Arizona Legislative Session

Members of the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives have introduced 1,707 bills and 113 memorials and resolutions. Pursuant to House and Senate rules, bills must have been heard in their chamber of origin by February 19, and the final day to hear bills in the opposite chamber is March 26. Income tax conformity legislation has been introduced by Senate Finance Chair Sen. David Livingston (R-Peoria) with SB 1397 (internal revenue code; conformity) and House Majority Leader Ben Toma (R-Peoria) with HB 2879 (conformity; internal revenue code; exception). The ASCPA and our contract lobbyists are working with House and Senate leadership to reach consensus on conformity and have the bill advance as quickly as possible.

COVID-19 Liability Legislation

Senate President Pro Tempore Vince Leach (R-Tucson) introduced SB 1377 (civil liability; public health pandemic) in response to concerns raised in 2020 on liability for organizations related to COVID-19. The bill provides that a person or defined providers who act in good faith to protect a person or the public from injury as a result of a pandemic is not liable for civil damages unless proven by clear and convincing evidence they acted with willful misconduct or gross negligence. The bill is retroactive to March 11, 2020, and covers causes brought before December 30, 2022.

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