New Members | July 2022

Published on August 16, 2022

Welcome these new members to the ASCPA!

Lauren E. Holt, CPA
Luxi Zhang, CPA
Michael Terlisner, CPA
Megan Ettinger, CPA
Cristin C. St. John, CPA
Baron Campbell, CPA
Bradley S. Whiting, CPA
Clifford Anderson, CPA
Chris Swyter, CPA
Nick T. Foster, CPA
Matthew J. Lew, CPA
Christopher J. Curran
Diane Fife, CPA
Vallerie K. Dallago, CPA, MS
Crystal L. Zenko, CPA, MAFM
Kaylee Federico
Trent L. McCormick, CPA
Jonathan J. Pucciarelli, CPA
Ashley E. Waller
Matthew V. Frey, CPA
Makenzi Johnson
Maria G. Fletcher, CPA