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Three Keys to Effectively Work from Home

November 14, 2017
Working from home is a great opportuni­ty to achieve work/life balance, however, it also takes a lot of discipline. What if a client needs you? What if a colleague needs you? How do you sit down and focus on work when there’s a sink full of dishes in the kitchen? Here are some mental and technological tools you can use to achieve balance and establish a routine.

Tax Reform Legislation Takes First Step

November 3, 2017
The official process to potentially make the biggest changes to the tax code since 1986 has begun. And as the nation’s premier tax practitioners, the accounting profession will be very engaged as the proposed legislation winds its way through Congress.

2017 Arizona Tax Credits - Easy Reference Guide

October 24, 2017
Arizona individual taxpayers have the opportunity to redirect state income tax to a variety of Arizona charities through the use of Arizona tax credit contributions. Contributions to certain charities or public schools will also qualify for a federal charitable contribution deduction, but not Arizona, in most cases. Taxpayers do not need to itemize to claim the tax credits. ASCPA member Monica J. Stern, CPA provides some handy links.

Three Ways to Take Action against Cyber Threats – for Your Firm and Client

October 24, 2017
When news broke that roughly 143 million people could have been affected by a hack at credit monitoring agency Equifax, it was just the latest report of a significant data breach. As concerns about cybersecurity mount, CPAs are in an excellent position to help strengthen the cybersecurity risk management programs for all organizations, whether they are doing it within their own firms or organizations or for a client. Specifically, there are three ways that CPAs can use their skills and resources to guard against cyberattacks.

Legislative and Accountancy Board Update – September 201

September 21, 2017
This month’s update includes information about Governor Ducey’s regulation rollback initiative, audits of the Arizona Department of Revenue, the Accountancy Board’s Annual Meeting at the Society’s office and a reminder about renewing your license on time.

Legislative and Accountancy Board Update – August 2017

August 17, 2017
This month’s update includes information about the Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Tax Treatment of Digital Goods and Services, a summary from the latest ADOR Stakeholders meeting, services tax poll results, Accountancy Board committee appointments and a PAC update.

Achieving Business Agility – Why Tech and People Work Best Together

July 20, 2017
The robotic revolution and big data analysis have made many business processes faster, more accurate and less costly. Machines can accomplish many tasks. They’re able to quickly analyze copious amounts of data, and based on rules and hypotheses, create multiple scenarios and outcomes. What computers cannot do is make a judgment call on those outcomes. It takes people, with the right business skills, to evaluate the options and recommend a course of action.