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ASCPA 100% Club

Welcome to the ASCPA 100% Membership Club. We are pleased to honor organizations that have demonstrated a high level of commitment to the Arizona Society of CPAs.

Organizations with 100% CPA membership convey to their clients, staff and colleagues that they have made a significant commitment to the CPA profession. There is no additional cost to participate. 

Through participation in the 100% Membership Club, you will:

  • Validate your organization’s dedication to high standards
  • Express your commitment to staff development
  • Gain valuable resources and insight into the CPA profession as it relates to your industry
  • Differentiate your organization and help attract new clients to further build your business

The 100% Membership categories are designed to suit your organization's specific needs. 

Click the category that best fits your organization to view the list of exclusive benefits.

Do you think your organization may qualify for the ASCPA 100% Club?

Contact to opt-in to your organizational benefits and enroll today!

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