About Us

The Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCPA) is the professional home for CPAs for every stage of their careers. Founded in 1933, the ASCPA is the largest professional organization operating specifically for CPAs in Arizona, with more than 5,200 members. Members work in a variety of industries including corporate finance, public practice, government, nonprofit and education.


The ASCPA is essential to all CPAs in Arizona.


We enhance the success of our members and lead our profession.


  • Members are our reason for existence

    We anticipate and address our members’ changing needs. All members are valued and their needs are our primary focus.

  • Volunteers and staff are our most important resources

    We create an environment that enables all of us to reach our maximum growth potential and contribute our best.

  • Relationships are a way we excel

    We develop trusted relationships with members, staff, other organizations, governmental entities, and the community to achieve common goals. We do this with open communication, collaboration, and full participation.

  • Integrity and ethics guide us

    We conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, and high standards. Professional ethics guide our actions and behavior. We surround ourselves with those who share these values.

  • Building on diversity is our ongoing commitment

    We value different points of view. Men and women from different races, cultures, and backgrounds enrich the generation and usefulness of these points of view. We make sure that everyone involved has the opportunity to contribute to our success.

  • Continuous growth is a way of life

    We constantly improve our skills and services through education and learning and by anticipating changing requirements and priorities.

We fulfill our mission through:


We are the best place for life-long learning. We provide useful information and high-quality education that enables members to improve their competence, effectiveness, image and professionalism.


We represent the interests of members. We act as an advocate to build relationships and promote the interests of CPAs with governments, regulatory agencies, and other organizations.


We increase the value of the CPA. We put members in a position to enhance their image and compete in the global marketplace. We foster a better understanding of and appreciation for CPA services. We promote the CPA profession as an attractive career choice.

Accounting Kachina Logo

For years, people have asked about the significance of the ASCPA logo.

This logo is called the Accounting Kachina. Native American Kachina dolls and Kachina dance costumes have been used for centuries by the Hopi tribe of Arizona and the Pueblo tribe of New Mexico as the symbol of the gods that thwart evil spirits of one kind or another.

This Accounting Kachina was specially designed for the Arizona Society of CPAs. This Kachina helps keep harm from coming to accountants and has the various tools to get the job done. The original design was developed in 1976.

The head of the Kachina contains a fountain pen tip, which expresses the setting forth of numbers. In his left hand is a quill pen, which symbolizes the setting forth of ideas. The right hand contains a tally rope, which symbolizes counting. The designs on the Kachina's clothing represent various crops and industries of the state.

Kachina Logo