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A Message From Our Chair: New Possibilities & Job Transitions

November 01, 2023

Congratulations to all our members for moving towards closing another calendar year; another year of successful partnership between the ASCPA and our CPA community. Thank you to the firms participating in our 100 Percent Club for their commitment to the ASCPA and high standards. I would also like to extend gratitude to members like you for your continuous commitment, and the ASCPA staff for their meticulous implementation of networking and educational opportunities.  

As we transition to a new calendar year, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to explore different aspects of the job transition process. During my job transitions, I have leveraged my ASCPA membership through networking with members, utilizing the Career Center on the ASCPA website and attending valuable CPE. The CPA designation provides incredible opportunities, and our skills are in high demand.

Let’s explore a few tips and tricks around job transitions.

Values Evaluation

Per Nick Wignall, psychologist and founder of The Friendly Mind, “Values are ideals that guide our behavior, especially in difficult situations. Values are guiding principles that help you make good decisions in the face of uncertainty…”Before landing your next role, pause and determine your personal values. 

Consider your critical priorities by uncovering the most important aspects of your working life; hierarchical structure, organizational culture, company mission, hours required, modality of location (in-person, hybrid, remote), time of working hours and compensation range. Give yourself the gift of slowing down to find the most effective career move.

Leading resume writer, Krista Morris says, “Employers are not judging your worth. They are simply judging your presentation on a piece of paper. The fix? Focus your resume on impact and where you moved the needle in each role.” Show your future employer how successful outcomes from your past can move their strategic plan forward and build highly functioning teams. 

Job Auditions

Statistically, job auditions have been proven to improve diversity efforts of companies and predict performance of a future candidate. However, there is a difference between testing job-related skills and being asked to perform unpaid work. Future employers may ask for sample financial presentations, writing assignments and strategic 90-day plans. Determine if the request is reasonable or if you would like to request nominal compensation.

Clarify the time required to complete the assignment and approach it with an open mind. Give space to show your competitive edge and spark. A job transition is a season in life: exciting, interesting, and at times difficult.

After interviews, I find myself considering different responses I could have said during the interview. Consider limiting your postgame analysis by incorporating Nick Wignall’s practical solution to overthinking with the 5-5-5 drill, which you can learn more about on Job transitions provide an opportunity to evaluate personal values and align those values with your daily work.

Thank you to the ASCPA for providing valuable Career Center information on the ASCPA website; and for providing the opportunity to build important networking connections, and career development pathways. We appreciate the latest career development opportunities. Here’s to an incredible year ahead!