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Meet an Audit Manager

September 01, 2023

What does an audit manager do? Meet Jesse Porras, who works at Baker Tilly.

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ASCPA Podcast: Successfully Managing When You're Over Capacity

Member Only Content August 30, 2023

If you often feel pulled in many different directions as a working professional, you are not alone. Many of us strive for what’s been referred to as “work/life balance” or what is becoming “work/life integration” in a post-COVID world. In this session, we will discuss tips and strategies to successfully balance your work and home life. Thank you to Kate Franklin for leading this session.

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Why You Should Support the Delay of Beneficial Ownership Reporting Requirements

August 24, 2023

This anti-money laundering initiative was enacted through the Corporate Transparency Act in 2021. However, many of the businesses that would be affected by this change are not ready for its roll-out.

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New Members | July 2023

Member Only Content August 21, 2023

Meet the new members of the ASCPA who joined in July 2023.

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In Memoriam

Member Only Content August 11, 2023

Remembering two ASCPA members for their service to the profession.

Meet ASCPA Members Helping the West Valley Grow

August 10, 2023

If you’ve seen local business headlines, you’ve likely noticed big changes in the West Valley. With perks including strategic access to infrastructure like the I-17 and affordable land, WESTMARC data expects the West Valley’s population to grow at twice the national rate over the next five years.

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Legislative & Board of Accountancy Update | July 2023

Member Only Content July 25, 2023

This month's update includes a recap of the State Board of Accountancy meeting, the ASCPA's advocacy successes in 2023 and the 2024 fiscal year appropriations report for the state.

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Build Strong Stakeholder Relationships Through These Three Social Intelligence Methods

July 21, 2023

Strong relationships with your organization’s stakeholders will go a long way in helping you forecast and identify problems, as well as formulate and roll out effective solutions. However, these kinds of relationships are not built overnight. Aside from identifying your key stakeholders and learning the truth about them, you also have to keep the connection by making them feel understood.

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New Members | June 2023

Member Only Content July 21, 2023

Meet the new members of the ASCPA who joined in June 2023.

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ASCPA PAC Update - July 2023

Member Only Content July 20, 2023

The ASCPA PAC represents the profession in Arizona politics. Every investment ensures the voice of CPAs is heard and the profession's interests served. Thank you to the 11 contributors who invested in the PAC!

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Harnessing Automation in Your Asset Management System

July 18, 2023

It occurred to me after being asked to write about asset management systems in the world of real estate accounting that it was possible that I was being asked to write about systems for tracking and managing fixed assets. Instead, this is written from a higher-level perspective of an asset manager who is interested in managing a portfolio of real estate assets, because my background is real estate from an institutional investor. Therefore, what follows are the challenges of finding an asset management system to meet the needs of an asset manager/investor’s needs, what the market offers and what we use and why.

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Legislative & Board of Accountancy Update | June 2023

Member Only Content June 27, 2023

This month's update includes a recap of the 2023 legislative session, information on ASCPA successes, state revenue forecasts, the Board of Accountancy's latest meeting, the taxpayer advocate's mid-year report and the ASCPA PAC.

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New Members | May 2023

Member Only Content June 21, 2023

Meet the new members of the ASCPA who joined in April 2023.

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Listen to the ASCPA Podcast: 2023 Legislative Session Impact Recap

Member Only Content June 19, 2023

John Baumer, the ASCPA's director of government relations, sits down with Ryan DeMenna and Maegan Johnson from DeMenna Public Affairs to break down the complicated changes and big advocacy wins that occurred during the legislative session.

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Listen to the ASCPA Podcast: Behind a Bipartisan Budget

Member Only Content June 11, 2023

Representative Seth Blattman joins the ASCPA to discuss the recent bipartisan budget that was passed in record time, its impact, and the process behind allocation and negotiations. Representative Blattman expresses his support for the budget and highlights the efficiency of the process, while acknowledging the need for better inclusion of Democratic leadership in future budgets. The representative shared his insights on the challenges and learning curve for a first-year legislator, the importance of building relationships across party lines, and the potential for compromise in future sessions with a divided government.

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Addressing the CPA Pipeline Crisis

June 05, 2023

The more things change, the more things stay the same: Hear from the National Association of State Board of Accountancy on improving the CPA pipeline.

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Coalition Including CPAs Calls Attention to New Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirements

May 23, 2023

Many small business owners may be unaware of this filing requirement. Many small businesses will be subject to this requirement and the goal is to inform them prior to the regulation start date of January 1, 2024.

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Legislative & Board of Accountancy Update | May2023

Member Only Content May 22, 2023

This month’s update includes a substantive policy statement from the Board of Accountancy, news on the legislative session and fiscal highlights on the state's revenue.

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New Members | April 2023

Member Only Content May 20, 2023

Welcome these new members who joined the ASCPA last month.

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Recognizing Leadership at the Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon

May 19, 2023

Did you miss the event? Check out our photo gallery and recap of the two award winners and additional recognitions.